Thursday, 13 April 2017

Tournaments Improve Chess Playing Ability

Playing in chess tournaments is the holy grail of all chess enthusiasts. It is only through these events that a player can measure his progress and strive to improve upon the areas that he is relatively weak in. FIDE, the governing body of chess awards an official rating to players who participate in FIDE authorized tournaments. Strictly speaking a rating number is not necessarily the best indicator of a player’s skill, but it does represent a generally accepted yardstick to gauge a player’s current chess playing ability.
Consequently it becomes an obsession for players and parents alike to become rated players by playing in FIDE tournaments. As we shall see there are different kinds of FIDE tournaments and it is not necessarily a good idea to send your child/participate in such a tournament without proper knowledge of the playing field and stakes involved. Many talented players get discouraged by their results at such tournaments and decide too prematurely that Chess is not their cup of tea.
At ZugZwang academy we have developed an 8 rank scholastic program to guide young players through their chess careers. In ZugZwang tournaments, players who win/perform well in their respective rank category are invited to participate in a higher rank category in the forthcoming event. This way they get to match their wits against their peers who are in a higher rank.
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